adminZ - "January 22, 2024" - "Databases, Development"

XML Model Analyzer

Let’s say you have a modelling tool that has XML as output. You might want to compare the output with a text comparison tool, but the generator has changed the order of the XML attributes or elements so that everything looks changed, but in fact only small changes have been made.

Or the modeling tool won’t let you sort its elements, but you want to sort them, which you could do in the XML model. Or you just want to learn more about the XML model so that you can modify it directly without using the tool. In these cases, XML Model Analyzer can help you.

Open an entire folder of XML files at once. They will be linked to one big file – which they really are, because they all belong to the same model.

The editor does what a good editor should do – syntax highlighting, and it stays fast even when handling large files, but it can do a lot more. It always maintains an XML model in the background.

This ensures that your file stays well-formed. But it also allows you to apply sorting algorithms to the XML model. Even to the whole folder at once. And you can even use the connection information that the model may have to get a good overview of the structure of the model.