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Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu

Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu (the Japanese name for ‘Art of Fighting’) is a ‘beat ’em up’ inspired by Nintendo’s legendary River City Ransom. Here, you can choose from various characters to hit the dangerous streets of Japan and take down the gangs and other city scum.

Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu provides you with more than a dozen different characters, depending on the playing mode you choose. There is classic arcade mode, but also some additional options for you to show off your fighting skills.

Some of the available characters include, of course, Robert Garcia and Ryo Sakazaki from ‘Art of Fighting’, among others.

As you play, you can explore many different streets with vastly different styles. That’s where you’ll find more weapons and healing objects, which will be necessary to fight the game’s different final bosses, who are way harder than the normal enemies.

Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu is a 2D action game that maintains the ‘brawler’ spirit from late 80s/early 90s games. And its graphics, directly inspired by the same games, are truly a delight.