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Pokémon Reminiscencia

Pokémon Reminiscencia is a Pokémon fangame for PC, which has a completely original story, original characters and more than a thousand Pokémon from the first nine generations of the franchise. As if that were not enough, once you finish Story Mode, you can unlock a special permadeath game mode, which will turn it into a sort of roguelike set in the world of Pokémon.

Several game modes to choose from

In Pokémon Reminiscencia you will find three main game modes. The first of these is Story Mode, which should take you approximately fifteen hours, and allows you to enjoy a new adventure, with characters specially created for this game. The second mode is the Extra Chapter, which you will only be able to play once you have finished the main campaign and is shorter in duration. And, the third game mode, perhaps the most interesting of all, is the Dungeon Mode, which turns the game into a sort of roguelike, with random elements that offer a lot of replayability. Each new game will be completely different to the previous one.

Completely new story, characters and region

Pokémon Reminiscencia’s Story Mode begins by introducing a completely new and original character in the Pokémon saga: Lucius. This mysterious character, who you will know very little about at first, will soon join the adventure’s protagonist, Anthony, a lone hermit who will once again use his Poké Balls to help him in what, at first, seems like a simple mission. Of course, the story will soon become significantly more complicated and within an hour of playing you’ll be fully immersed in a plot much deeper than poor Anthony could have suspected. Luckily, along the way you will not only be able to capture many Pokémon, but also meet lots of new characters.

Catch ’em all

One of the most important parts of any Pokémon game is exactly that: catching as many Pokémon as you can. And in Pokémon Reminiscencia you can get your hands on more than 1,000 different creatures, from the first to the ninth generation. Of course, you will also be able to find them all in their shiny versions, although it goes without saying that this won’t be easy. The probability of obtaining a shiny Pokémon is, according to the video game developer itself, 0.3%.

Download Pokémon Reminiscencia and enjoy what is undoubtedly one of the best Pokémon fangames for PC. The game features an original story and new characters, as well as several game modes and an astounding number of Pokémon to capture. An outstanding title, which is sure to delight those Pokémon fans who are always looking for more.