adminZ - "January 25, 2024" - "Games, Simulation"

Infinity Random Race

Infinity Random Race is a 3D driving game that, true to its name, lets you to compete in randomly generated levels, piloting some very special vehicles that can turn into flying robots with just a click of the button.

Players can choose from more than half a dozen different cars, each with its own speed, acceleration, endurance, and so on. Once the race starts, you’ll see how noticeable these differences are when you crash into or overtake your rivals.

During the race you can collect different power-ups and create shields to defend yourself against enemy attacks or launch missiles to shoot them down. Also you can find turbos to speed everything up or turn into a ‘gundam’ and fly away.

When you turn into a robot, the control system changes slightly, but flying helps you avoid lots of obstacles you couldn’t avoid at ground level.

Infinity Random Race (IRR) is a 3D racing game that’s reminiscent of the legendary POD in many respects. Moreover, it not only has fun and original gameplay, but also some spectacular graphics, which look great when in full flow.