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Diablo – Tchernobog

Diablo – Tchernobog is the evolution of one of the most popular mods for the original Diablo, the legendary The Awakening, which introduces dozens of new features and improvements to what is already considered one of the greatest RPGs in gaming history. One of the most notable additions offered by this mod is the ability to play with friends in online multiplayer, in a much more comfortable way than the original.

Simple installation process

Installing Diablo – Tchernobog is very easy. Simply copy diabdat.mpq, which you will find in the installation folder of the original Diablo, to the folder where you unzipped the mod files. Then, just double-click the Diablo – Tchernobog executable. If when attempting to run the game you get an error saying that you are missing some files: either msvp100.dll or msvp140.dll, check out the readme file in the mod folder itself, and you will find official links to download them.

What’s new in this mod

The list of new features and additions in Diablo – Tchernobog is too long to list one by one. Each new update of the mod will also add new items to this evergrowing list, making it obsolete every few months. For most players, the most important new features included in Diablo – Tchernobog are new characters, new skills, new enemies, new bosses, a lot more loot and, of course, a greater range of screen resolution options. On top of all this, we must highlight a fully functional multiplayer mode, which allows you to delve into the depths of hell with your friends.

What’s the difference between Belzebub and Tchernobog?

Diablo HD – Belzebub is a mod developed by Noktis, who also developed Tchernobog, which is mainly focused on single-player, with new missions exclusive to the mod. Diablo – Tchernobog, on the other hand, shares some common elements with Belzebub, especially in terms of technology, but it is mainly focused on multiplayer, offering a much more reactive experience for players who are already familiar with the original Diablo and want to enjoy something new. In the mod’s official Discord it is possible to find all the information you need to enjoy the game online, since it has a very extensive community.

Download Diablo – Tchernobog if you enjoyed Diablo 1 and want to head back to Tristram and play the game as you have never experienced before. With this mod you can relive some of the most spectacular moments of this Blizzard classic, but this time with friends from anywhere in the world, with a resolution adapted to modern screens, and many other improvements to the gaming experience.